Monday, March 3, 2008

Macbook Review

This will be my first review of an apple product. The macbook is the first computer i got for myself. It has been very great. I recommend this computer to every middle school or high schooler and I suggest getting a MacBook Pro for college. The Macbook isn't too powerful or that weak. It has plenty or ram and space. Since they finally updated them, they have good amount of ram and the right amount of space. I rate the MacBook 5/5. I recommend you getting one. 

The Macbook has a good size keyboard with an optical drive. It also has 2 USB ports, with firewire drive. The MacBook isn't so heavy and is very portable. It is small, has a reasonable price, and is easy to carry around. If you buy the white Macbook make sure to take care of it because it will easily get dirty like mine. The black Macbook has more ram and space standard and it costs more, but the black Macbook would be good. 
SO overall its a very good computer. 

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