Wednesday, March 5, 2008

iPod Touch Review

The iPod Touch is probably the best iPod I ever had even though the iPods I only have are the Video iPod and the iPod Touch. Well this is very cool. I have a few reasons for it:
1. You can Jailbreak it "Hack it"
2. You can watch videos in a wide screen. 
3. Can get customizable screen (with the January Upgrade)
4. You can flick through photos
5. You can browse through music in Cover Flow
6. You can buy things on iTunes
7. You can browse the web

That is pretty much it!
I DO recommend you getting one if you don't have an iPod. For a more affordable iPod buy a shuffle or a nano. The new nanos are now able to watch videos! :D (I know this is old news)


Anonymous said...

heya!!! i have one! im listenin to it right now and it ruleess the world!!!

Anonymous said...

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